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OCTOBER 28, 2023

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The mission of RKF is to create and sustain  active, fit and healthy children, families and communities through programming, advocacy and education. 


"It should be noted that this was one of the BEST local race I’ve done.  Over the past year or so, I’ve done a few that have been complete organizational nightmares.  I had so much other crap to worry about this time that it was really nice to be able to just focus on racing without wondering which way to go or if there was going to be water available.  The whole River Roux team was extremely professional, well organized, and passionate about triathlon.  Not to mention that they definitely gave out the best race swag.  This race was worth traveling to, and I would definitely consider coming back (and you should too!). I’d put River Roux right up there with Pumpkinman, Musselman, and Patriot which is saying a lot."

Carolyn Pfalzgraf, MA

"There is just something special about this race. Like many others, it was the start of my endurance racing journey and you never forget that first race, but its more than that to me. It's the people...the scenery...that big beautiful bridge. This race just feels like home. Because it is."

Calli Boudreaux, Baton Rouge, LA

"River Roux is one of those races that checks all the right boxes - interesting swim, bike and run courses, good support, great post race food and beer, and it supports the local community. The bike is on rolling, quiet rural roads with almost no traffic, and the run course is flat, fast and lined with spectators and support. And let's face it, it's hard to beat racing in November. You've got a whole season of work under your belt, the weather (in the south) is pretty much perfect for going hard, and you gotta keep training so you can justify gorging on Thanksgiving anyway. If you're traveling from out of town, make a long weekend of it. Check out the small towns in rural Louisiana near the race, then head down to Nola for a day or two to take in the music and the food."

Brian MacIlvain, MA

"River Roux is the best half-iron triathlon in the South, with a grassroots feel and great support of the local area athletes and residents. Small town race which with a great venue (with minimal traffic for riding and running) that's produced by triathletes, for triathletes. Great details go into every aspect of the race, from the athlete guide to the finish fest (which really is THE party to close out the tri season). It's likely to always be a wetsuit legal swim, fast bike course with plenty of rolling hills and pretty scenery, and pancake flat run course with crowd support through downtown New Roads. It's a must-do event for all athletes interested in trying their hand at the half-iron distance. Not to mention, proceeds benefit Rocketkidz Foundation, the local non profit charity who focuses on healthy lifestyle programs for families in the area."

Lenny Samuel, Baton Rouge, LA

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